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Outdoor fireplace at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Woodstock store
view of dining room at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Woodstock store
Round community table at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Woodstock GA store
Dining room at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Woodstock store

Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Blair Typer 

For someone who loves to talk, I’m a little speechless on this story. Maybe you could help me with it. Let me tell you in my words about it all. I’ve been in the dental field for 17 years, everything from assisting to sales and marketing. I wasn’t happy with my work life and wanted a change. I prayed for about 6 months solidly on direction of where to go and how to do it. I knew I wanted to do something that I could be proud of, something where I could help others and give back to my community and something that challenged me and didn’t keep me behind a desk or a suit like I had been for years prior. That wasn’t me. I love people and I love food. Somehow I wanted to mingle the two but never really thought about restaurants when I saw my future. 


I was on my networking site and came across a “community leader” position.Without reading I sent an email that I was interested. When they called me back they mentioned it was “Maple Street Biscuit Company” and it took me a minute to realize it was a restaurant. I was baffled the word community and restaurant were in the same sentence. Once I got to visit a Maple Street, see the culture and meet the amazing people I realized this was EXACTLY where I was meant to be.Each person has a story, and a love for something that sets each store differently. 


So once I started really reflecting on what this position would do for me and my family I was sold but I needed to pray about it. God not only opened this door he made me remember a story from when I was young. 


My grandma saved every penny she had for years and purchased a little breakfast and lunch restaurant in the small town I’m from in Arkansas, and the man she bought the restaurant from had lost his wife to cancer earlier in the year.He had 10 kids and had no idea what to do with them. She told him to bring the mall for breakfast and lunch daily, she would feed them and everyday he showed up with all 10 kids. Their friendship became more, he taught her about the Bible and they fell in love. That’s a story that was fresh in my mind when I interviewed with Maple Street. It’s my family’s story. I wanted something I could pass down to my kids and their kids. 


The relationships and family I have with Maple Street is something indescribable.Each person I’ve met is so eager to hear my story, help me and offer advice or a cup of coffee and lend an ear. This is more than a restaurant to me. It’s a family I can be proud of, share life with and eat some amazing food with.

Maple Street Biscuit Company's Woodstock Community Leader Blair Typer

Help people. Serve others. Be a part of the community. 

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