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Interior view of dining room and Hub/service counter at Maple Street Biscuit Company's St. Pete store

Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Garrett Crum

My name is Garrett Crum, the Community Leader for Maple Street Biscuit Company’s Downtown St. Pete location in Florida. Maple Street Biscuit Company is founded with a mission statement that guides our each and every day! 

Mission statement… what’s that? Allow me to welcome you to the difference that is Maple Street Biscuit Company. 

To help people, serve others, and be a part of the community. 

This is Maple Street Biscuit Company’s mission statement. Each and every one of our team members, leaders, and community stores are expected to live out this mission. What does that mean or look like? Well, it can be taking care of someone’s coffee who had forgotten their wallet, or our annual Day of Good where we have 40+ stores participating in community service events! It is the foundation of everything that we do and guides us through each of our days. We pair this bold mission statement with our Gracious Service and other core principles to ensure that we are providing an exceptional experience for each of our guests and creating memories that will have them choosing Maple Street Biscuit Company as their next brunch destination and raving about it to their friends and families! So why do we care so much about this mission statement and how did I get involved? Let’s start with how I found Maple Street Biscuit Company! 

My story with Maple Street begins back in 2018. I had just moved down to the sunny state of Florida from my lifelong home in beautiful Virginia. The move was sporadic and I didn’t have a plan coming to Florida, but knew that I had to get the gears moving to start building my life here. I had applied to a handful of jobs within my first few days of settling in. When Joshua Kittinger called me back about a Biscuit Maker opening in a restaurant that I had never heard of before, I said, “Why not?” Little did I know how impactful that “Why not?” would be in my life. Within moments of walking into the store I was greeted by a cheerful, energetic young man (whom I’d discovered was the gentleman interviewing me,) and by an energy that I had not witnessed in a restaurant before. The team was busy, yet organized and enjoying themselves, the guests were ALL visibly pleased, and what caught my eye most of all was the gentleman who had greeted me was now walking around the dining room having meaningful conversations with the guests. “Weird,” I had thought to myself as I sat in the back of the restaurant waiting for my interview to start.


Fast forward a few months, I am now a “Biscuit Whisperer,” as the team had given me a title suited for the biscuits I made. At this point I had seen what we do, how differently we do things, and all of the differences that had set us apart from other competitors out there! It didn’t take me long after to make the decision that Maple Street would be somewhere I could call home for quite some time and that I wanted to run one of these amazing establishments of my own. Shortly after being crowned the “Biscuit Whisperer,” our store found themselves in need of an Assistant Community Leader. As an opportunist, I told myself that this would be the perfect taste of what it would be to run my own Maple Street and a chance to benefit from the priceless amount of experience and skills I had learned and would continue to learn. Becoming an Assistant Community Leader only further established my support of Maple Street and all they stood for. I spent months as an Assistant Community Leader to Joshua Kittinger, and then shortly after, Caitlin Blalock. These two Community Leaders paved the way for my success and were pivotal in my acquisition of the Community Leader role. The knowledge, skills, experience, and life lessons that I have learned from these two are beyond priceless. Having the right to work under these two AMAZINGLY TALENTED Community Leaders has helped mold me into the leader that I am today. When Caitlin and Josh were presented with an opportunity as our company began to expand, I too was presented with the opportunity that I had been waiting for since I sat down for that interview. To be the guy that had so welcomely greeted me, was bouncing around his store, and took pride in each and every single step. It was finally happening, I had earned the right to be offered an opportunity to take care of our Maple Street Biscuit Company location in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, FL. 


Being given this opportunity was no easy task though, because being a Community Leader for our community stores is not just managing, or greeting our guests, but dives much deeper into what it really means to have a position that helps people, serves others, and is a part of the community. Now that I am in this role of a Community Leader, I plan to uphold the standards of our mission statement and continue to grow our family here and bring joy and love to the city of St. Pete in the form of delicious biscuits and exclusive coffees! 

If you ever have any questions, concerns, ideas, or are just curious about who we are and what we do, feel free to reach out to me anytime! 

Help people. Serve others. Be a part of the community. 

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