Ryan’s Silly Sock Day

July 14, 2022


Who is Ryan?

Ryan Weir was a team member at our Murray Hill Community Store in Jacksonville, FL. On June 19th, 2019, he was in a car accident and was subsequently placed on life support. Ryan passed a few days later and donated his organs as his final gift to his community. His honor walk had around 300 people in attendance. This is a testament of how he touched so many people in his 19 years of life.

Ryan loved wearing silly socks to work (and loved our twist on potatoes), so this year for Ryan’s Silly Sock Day, July 14th, we are giving away a half portion of our Potatoes O’Ryan (named after Ryan).

This year, 5% of all orders from all of our community stores will be donated to organ donor research.

We miss working with Ryan greatly, and our hearts will always be broken by his passing. We take great pride in hosting this day to honor the memories we have of Ryan and the gift he gave to those other families.

our memories of ryan…


Ryan went through a few different hair phases in his life, each of which he was very proud of. One of which was when his hair was super long and hung in his face and he had to do a “hair toss thing” just to get it out of his eyes.


Ryan had no fear and no obstacles, only opportunities. Early on in his life he taught himself how to do a handstand… and he did them everywhere (possibly even on top of the Murray Hill community store).


Ryan was motivated by 2 things: people & experiences. He was compassionate and caring and with him, hugs were NOT optional. He had a way of making anyone he encountered feel special.

Words From Maple Street Biscuit Company’s Founder & CEO

Scott Moore

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