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Community table in dining room at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Point Meadows store
Interior view of dining room at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Point Meadows store
View of exterior dining patio at Maple Street Biscuit Company's Point Meadows store

Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Scott Morrow 

After nearly 10 years with one of the larger banks in town and 20 years in the mortgage and banking industry, my department was notified that they were transferring our duties to a group out in California. So I found myself out of work and wondering what my next move would be. Do I continue to look for work in an industry that I know, or to step out of my safe place? One of my buddies was pushing me to find out more about opening a Maple Street. Gus Evans and I went to the same church for a while but I was not sure how to contact him. So after tracking him down through friends of friends (aka. stalking :)) I had the opportunity to have a face to face meeting with Gus and find out more about it. At that time, they did not have any plans to grow in the Jacksonville area and my circumstances would not allow for me to move. So I asked Gus if we could keep the conversation going and once they decide to grow in the Jacksonville are again, I would like to be made aware. So I went back to doing what I know and landed a job with another large bank in town. About 4 months in, I knew that this was not a great fit but I had to continue to press forward. My wife and I began to pray for God's will in my career. I would not pray for Maple Street specifically but I would ask for Him to show me what it is that He wants me to do. After approximately 2 weeks, I received a text from Gus asking me if I had found anything. I told him that I did but that I was still interested in Maple Street.  

Maple Street Biscuit Company's Point Meadows Community Leader Scott Morrow

We met for coffee and for a more in-depth look, and then met again with my wife present so she could address any questions that she had. That was on a Wednesday and Gus needed to know if I was in or not by that Friday. No pressure!!! Well I worked at the beach location on Thursday to "confront reality" and Gus was waiting at the end of the shift to see what my decision was going to be. Well……..I turned my 2 week notice in at the bank and the rest is history. On that day, I was no longer a number in a large corporation but rather a member of the Maple Street Family.

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