Join Our Family!
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We want you to have fun while you work. We are a family, not just a group of co-workers.

You'll find a safe place – no cursing or yelling allowed here.

We believe in equal employment opportunity.

You have room to grow! 

Other Benefits

Free meals while you are at work 

 Monthly family time – have fun with your work family. 

Health, dental, vision, life, disability, accident and critical illness 

insurance offered to all full-time employees.  


You aren't just an employee. 


You are a part of a team and a family


Our team members become proficient in all kitchen positions and may be asked to do any of them in a given week.



Team Position: Ambassador


Welcome our guest into your community store, romance our food, help new guests through the Maple Street experience, and take guest orders.

Team position: Make


Make all our comfort food with a modern twist from scratch! 

Team position: Biscuit


You get to make our house-made biscuits just like grandma did, but better! 

Team position: Barista


Have fun making things like maple vanilla lattes and ganache hot chocolates! 

Team position: Deli


Be quick and accurate plating our comfort food with a modern twist that guests will be sure to Instagram! 

Team position: Hub


Use your outside voice to call out the answers to our monthly question to let guests know that their food is ready. Make sure guests have everything they need. You’re the last point of contact to ensure their food is correct.

Community Leader

Have you ever wanted to run your own restaurant? As a Community Leader, you get to run your own Maple Street. You hire a team, develop and coach them. You ensure everyone is living out our mission and our principles, and that the business is profitable. You build relationships with guests. You have a Family Support Team that will guide you in the way to do things, but the store is YOUR responsibility. You earn a percentage of the profits for doing this well.

Team position: Assistant Community Leader

Assistant Community Leader 

Do you want to lead your own Maple Street one day? 

Start here! Assist the Community Leader in running a sustainable business that serves the community. 

Help people. Serve others. Be a part of the community. 

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