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Meet Your 

Community Leader 

Jordan Weathers 

My name is Jordan Weathers and I am married to my beautiful wife of 6 years, Brittany Weathers and have two sweet girls, Sadie and Eliza. I graduated with a degree in Pastoral Ministry from Columbia International University and served as a Pastor at our church in Charleston for 4 years after I graduated. During the summer of 2016 my wife and I felt a strong calling from God to move to the upstate of SC. We weren’t entirely sure where we would land or what we would be doing but we knew that if we followed Him in faith that He would lead us,protect us, and provide for us. By February of 2017 we made the move to the upstate and landed in Central, SC. We lived in a tiny house and took time to slow down as a family and begin to explore the upstate while waiting and listening to see where God would tell us to go and what to do. About 4 months later we felt that the Lord was leading us to help a college friend start a church in Travelers Rest, so we moved to our “house on the hill” as we called it and helped our friend get things up and running with his church. We stayed in Travelers Rest for about 7 months and continued to ask God where He wanted us to be, and what He wanted us to do. At times it seemed pretty stressful, but we knew in our hearts that this is what He told us to do all those months ago, and so we continued to trust Him and have faith that He would bring our next job to us. As we continued to search for our new home town, something about Simpsonville just felt right to us, and felt like we were home whenever we had visited. We actually came and ate at Maple Street on a date around Christmas time and loved it! We ended up knowing the ambassador who was working that day from a family connection from Charleston. Again, just another piece that began to feel like home. So we moved, yet again, in February of 2018 to Simpsonville. About that time our finances from selling our home in Charleston had just about run out, and we were really asking God to move on our behalf and bring our next job to us. About two days later we saw that Maple Street Five Forks had put out a“now hiring” sign, and after praying about it together we had such a peace about going to work there, with a “lets see what God does” mindset. I had no idea that they were looking to hire a Community Leader at the time, and my wife and I say to this day its like God just put Maple Street right in our laps when we were least expecting it. Maple Street has been such redeeming place for us, and such a blessing. It may have taken us a long time to get to it, but it was so worth the journey and the wait. We are excited and looking forward to all that God has in store for us and everyone else at Maple Street Five Forks.

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