The Maple Street Story

From our humble start in 2012, Maple Street has always been, well… different. In a world of boring breakfast, we set out to craft scratch-made comfort food, but with a modern twist. With every breakfast, lunch and service-focused catering event, our fresh ingredients, that quirky take on comfort food, and a sense of community go well beyond basic. We aim to leave you both full and fulfilled.

We promise to bring you fresh-cracked eggs. We promise to bake our biscuits from scratch every day, and never serve you some previously frozen puck of dough. We promise to provide impeccably clean stores, where you can focus on delicious food and those with whom you choose to enjoy it. Like you, our biscuits are a lot of things, but we promise they’ll never be boring.

Maple Street Biscuit Company service with a smile

Maple Street’s Four Guiding Principles

Comfort Food With a Modern Twist

Gracious Service

Immaculately Clean Stores

Sustainable Business


Coffee Roasters

Muletown Coffee Roasters opened its doors to the community of Columbia, TN in 2013.

Their signature slogan ‘Have a good one’ reveals their true hope and purpose: to make skillfully roasted coffee that nurtures a positive start to your day.

The team at Muletown Coffee Roasters believe in putting in a full day’s work, making their community proud, and trying to have a good time while they’re at it. Their warm personalities, dedication to quality, and community values jive with ours – not to mention they make outstanding coffee! That’s why we decided to partner with Muletown. We are proud to serve Muletown coffee in all Maple Street locations.

Muletown Coffee Roasters Chris and Matt

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